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8AF Insignia

Annotated Bibliography

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Eastman, Gary, Type A-2 Flight Jacket Identification Manual, Eastman Publishing, Ivybridge, Devon, UK. 2012. ISBN: 978-0-9572514-0-3 [A well-researched and comprehensive historical and technical documentation of the original A-2, covering all makers, contracts, and jacket components. Read review.]

Freeman, Roger A., The Mighty Eighth in Color, Specialty Press, Stillwater, MN. 1992. ISBN: 0-933424-57-4 [This book of color WWII period photos of 8AF groups includes several A-2 jackets.]

Imai, Kesaharu (ed.), Suit Up! The Flight Jacket, World Photo Press, Tokyo. 1994 (?). ISBN 4-8465-2012-9. [Excellent photos of surviving jackets of all types with emphasis on the A-2. Many photos of details. Written in Japanese. The publisher has stated that there is no English version and there are no plans for one.]

Maguire, Jon A., and Conway, John P., American Flight Jackets, Airmen and Aircraft, Schiffer, Atglen, PA. 1994. ISBN: 0-88740-511-8 [An excellent pictorial study of surviving jackets, mostly A-2.]

Maguire, Jon A., and Conway, John P., Art of the Flight Jacket , Schiffer, Atglen, PA. 1995. ISBN: 0-88740-794-3 [An outstanding follow-up to the previous book, almost exclusively A-2.]

Nelson, Derek, and Parsons, Dave, Hell-Bent for Leather, Motorbooks International, Osceola, WI. 1990. ISBN: 0-87938-438-7 [A decent book, the first of its kind, covering both the A-2 and the Navy G-1, but sometimes soft on solid facts and details.]

Sweeting, C.G., Combat Flying Clothing, Smithsonian Institution Press, Washington D.C. 1984. ISBN: 0-87474-898-4 [Good coverage of WWII flying clothing, includes a large section of Type Designation Sheets.]

U.S. Army Air Forces Illustrated Catalog, Class 13, September 30, 1943.(available in reprint) [Everything from jackets to parachute rip cord assemblies. A must for any AAF collector.]

Valant, Gary M., Vintage Aircraft Nose Art, Motorbooks International, Osceola, WI. 1987. ISBN: 0-87938-266-X [Many photos of flight crew posing with aircraft. Also several photos of A-2 jacket art.]

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