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Original A-2 jackets, while not exactly bountiful, do exist and are obtainable. Unless one has connections with veterans or estate sales, for instance, the prices rise significantly, however. Price and desirability also vary greatly with manufacturer, condition, artwork and patches, and traceable history. Practically speaking, prices will likely fall somewhere in the range of US$500 to US$4000.

Some practical sources for jackets include militaria collectors' shows and militaria auctions. One large militaria mail auction, Manion's, usually has several A-2 jackets consigned each auction. The eBay online auction has also become a steady source of original A-2's. FlightJacket.net, a dealer of antiques, is also establishing itself as a source.

Condition of the jackets will vary a great deal. Wear tends to show in the areas of the finish being rubbed off of the leather, tears and/or mothing of the wool knitting, soiling and/or tearing of the lining (particularly in the neck area), worn or missing spec labels, and broken zippers. Restoration can often be done to replace the lining, knitting, or zippers, but one must decide for oneself how this reflects upon the value of the jacket in their own eyes. Care also must be taken because there are some good A-2 copies out there and it is not inconceivable that an artificially aged jacket could be passed off as an original.

Another consideration one may have in seeking an original A-2 is whether or not it will fit. Having a piece of history which is wearable can make it all the more desirable. This is not to say that a wartime A-2 should be worn on any regular basis as it really should not. Being able to wear historical gear for photos or special occasions, though, can be quite a thrill. Except for the smaller built people out there, the quest to obtain a "good size" can be a long and ultimately expensive one.

Squadron patches and artwork add considerably to the value of a jacket since they signify specific lineage and are almost always uniquely handmade. A jacket named to an individual, perhaps even paired with photos or other mementos, also contributes to the value and desirability of a jacket.

Want to buy a vintage A-2 jacket? Have a vintage A-2 jacket you'd like to sell? Visit FlightJacket.net to strike a deal.


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