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Bert Stiles


Interest in the life of Bert Stiles has spawned a number of publications about him, including magazine articles and a complete biography.

While Serenade to the Big Bird remains Bert Stiles' best known publication, he also had many short stories and articles published in various periodicals dating from the time he was in college until after his death. Much more of Bert's work had remained unpublished until recent years.

Publications about Bert Stiles

  • Bert Stiles: Serenade to a Big Bird
    This article by Dan Bauer was first published in Air Classics in 1987 as has been periodically republished in special issues by Challenge Publications.

  • Serenade: The Story of Lieutenant Bert Stiles
    Published in Wings (Volume 19, No. 2, April, 1989), this article by Mike Minnich is well-researched and very informative. Included is an account which suggests that Bert was not in an appropriate mental state to face what would be his last and fatal mission.

  • Serenade to the Blue Lady (ISBN 1-879384-21-3)
    This is the biography of Bert Stiles, published in 1993 by Robert F. Cooper. Cooper, who was also a B-17 co-pilot in the Eighth Air Force, did not know Stiles but became interested in him after reading Serenade in the mid 1970's. Cooper went on to collaborate with Roland Dickison, a college friend of Stiles, to publish many of Bert's unpublished works.

Previously unpublished works by Bert Stiles

The following books were prepared and published by Robert F. Cooper, author of Bert Stiles' biography Serenade to the Blue Lady, and Roland Dickison, a college friend of Stiles. These were printed in small quantities only.

  • Midnight Serenade: Stories and Essays by Bert Stiles
    (1998, ISBN 0-9655238-9-6)
  • Serenade to the World From 30,000: Stories and Essays by Bert Stiles
    (1999, ISBN 0-9655238-8-8)
  • One Year, One Lifetime: A Memoir of College Life in the 1940's
    (2000, ISBN 0-9655238-4-5)
  • The Final Serenade: Stories and Essays by Bert Stiles
    (2001, ISBN 0-9655238-9-6)

Robert F. Cooper writes:

            It has been a great pleasure and a labor of love to research 
            and write about Bert Stiles.  I think he would have become a 
            fine writer.  His two sisters have become good friends of mine,
            and I have met many of his friends and flying compatriots 
            during the process.  Learning about Bert has occupied me for
            the past ten to twelve years and has added depth, excitement, 
            and compassion to my life.

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