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AAC Gear

The gear used by servicemen of the U.S. Army Air Corps in WWII spanned a vast range of clothing and equipment required for the many varied combat assignments and conditions. In this section is presented a small sampling of gear items of special interest.

It would be virtually impossible to give sufficient coverage on this Web page to even a fraction of the all the gear that was used by the Army Air Corps in WWII. There are, however, other sources for information.

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  • U.S. Army Air Forces Illustrated Catalog, Class 13, September 30, 1943 (available in reprint).

  • Aviation Wings and Badges of WWII is a virtual museum of WWII wings.

Flight Jacket Gallery

The Flight Jacket Gallery is a collection of examples of different types and variations of flight jackets.

Crush Caps and Crushed Caps

Crush Caps and Crushed Caps is an illustrated description of the difference between visor caps crushed from being worn by aviators and crushable visor caps made expressly for aviators.

Updated: 14 October 2002.

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